Mission Statement

Joe Nightingale School exists to better the lives and futures of all students, staff, families and community through proven quality instruction, positive relationships and engaging experiences.

Vision Statement

The vision of Joe Nightingale School is to provide for the educational success of all students through high expectations and a commitment to academic excellence; to empower them to reach their full potential as responsible, ethical and productive citizens in a diverse and changing world. We believe this is a shared responsibility requiring the cooperation and commitment of students, parents, staff, and the community.

We ensure academic excellence by providing quality educational programs with all staff members focused on continually improving student achievement. We believe children learn best when they engage in a variety of meaningful activities in a challenging, structured and positive environment. At Joe Nightingale School we provide our students with a rigorous, scholarly learning environment in which learning time, instructional planning, progress monitoring, and strategic/intensive interventions are systematically focused on individual student learning needs. We have clear, research-based interventions and enrichment opportunities to meet the needs of learners at all instructional levels.

All members of the Joe Nightingale School community collaborate to offer continuous learning programs that enable all children to maximize their academic, social and emotional growth and promote their development into thoughtful, accepting, productive and responsible citizens. Teacher teams at each grade level, work together to ensure students receive a comprehensive, standards-based course of study. These teacher grade level teams meet weekly in Professional Learning Communities to review student learning and to plan strategic interventions and enrichment activities to meet the various needs of all students.

At Joe Nightingale, our commitment to preparing children with 21st Century Learning Skills-Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity- is present in all learning activities. The students at Joe Nightingale are global learners who use technology to increase their awareness and facilitate their contributions to the world around them.

At Joe Nightingale School, our students, parents, and staff are committed to working as a team to promote student involvement in the positive, scholarly, safe, and inclusive school culture. Students are caretakers for their own learning environment and are deeply connected to the school community. Parents, families, and community members have a strong investment in our students’ lifelong education. 
The Orcutt Union School District does not discriminate against individuals based on actual or perceived race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, veteran status, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sex, or sexual orientation. Compliance Officer: Susan Salucci, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources/Discrimination/Equity & Title lX Compliance Officer, 500 Dyer Street, Orcutt, CA 93455, Email: ssalucci@orcutt-schools.net, Phone: 805-938-8909. See district policies at http://www.orcuttschools.net/district_information/legal_notices/title_IX